Protect your digital life

The recent increase in the use of home networks is expected to be accompanied by a corresponding increase in the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) in companies. More and more employees who normally log into the office use these secure networks to access sensitive documents and websites. For some, these corporate VPNs are just a tunnel into their professional lives. But what about the benefits of a personal VPN? What is a VPN and why is it used?

Data coding

While a home network with a strong password can be a good basis for your digital security, it’s worth considering further privacy improvements, as more and more devices are connected (and can stay connected for a long time). Whether it’s kids taking classes and playing online or parents wanting to shop remotely, we want to help protect your digital life.

At its core, the corporate VPN and the personal VPN fulfil the same functions. Learn the facts here now Azure Cloud Management. It encrypts (or scrambles) your data when you connect to the Internet and allows you to view or transfer your login information privately and secure your history. If attackers attempt to intercept your web traffic, they can only see the damaged content through the encryption function of your VPN.


A permanent connection to the internet becomes a new standard because we limit the time we spend outside. And as the number of devices on your network increases, so does the number of threats.

Now that many retailers have reduced or even eliminated their physical footprint, these services are available online whether you want them to or not. Learn how to navigate this changing digital landscape with the following VPN tips and tricks.

A classic cyber attack is the person in the middle, usually in places with public Wi-Fi connections such as cafes or outdoors Wi-Fi connections in a house. Attackers use weak network security to intercept and read potentially sensitive information, such as bank login details or even credit card details. A powerful, encrypted VPN for banking can eliminate this attack and keep sensitive data out of sight.

Which VPN should I choose?

Not all VPNs are made the same way! Make sure the service you choose meets your needs:

Browser vs. desktop/mobile computer

The browser-based VPN acts as an extension and helps protect web traffic only in the browser in which it is installed. While this level of data protection may work for some users, device level VPNs such as McAfee® Safe Connect generally help protect web traffic regardless of which browser or application you choose.

Safety level

It is important to check each service’s privacy policy before deciding which service will be used as a trusted gateway. Some VPN services, especially free services, implement trackers that record your demographic information, location information, and system information. You may contact a third party security audit to help you validate this privacy statement.


Depending on the use you want to make of the VPN, you will need to look for services with limited or unlimited tariffs. If you plan to use multimedia, such as streaming videos or downloading large files, an unlimited plan may be suitable for you.

Diversity of places

For general use it is recommended to allow a VPN connection to the nearest and fastest server. But with a varied list of countries to choose from, you can be more flexible if the server is slow in one place.

Easy to use

Ultimately, you need to choose a VPN that is easy to use and understand. We all start our digital journey from different locations with technical ease, but let’s start with products that offer a streamlined and simplified experience.

If you want to know more about VPN, read more here, or dive into VPN for Android and iOS.

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